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Your head is full and you're in survival mode?

Come to deep relaxation and find your balance back

Sometimes your body really needs to rest, to relax. You may be tired a little earlier, or have less energy. With this your body indicates that it needs to relax, to relax. In a relaxed sleep, your body can work on recovery. Your body is constantly in progress and recovering. Whether it’s because aging cells are being replaced, or there’s a wound, our body’s system is focused on being healthy. This requires energy and space.

With Access BarsĀ® you discharge stress and tension from your system. By lightly touching 32 points (bars) on your head, the natural energy flow in the body is restored. This allows blockages to dissolve and creates more peace and space in your head, more relaxation in your body and changes occur either physically or mentally.

You could compare it to a reset / update of your phone. The old can go and make room for something new.


You may recognize this:

  • Sometimes you feel too tired, there is just too much on your plate. You also don’t have the energy to get started, you just want to rest. You would prefer to sleep for hours, but even that doesn’t work out well. When you finally lie in bed, your head just goes on. There is still so much that needs to be done.Do you sometimes feel frustrated because you feel like you have to do it all alone? And do you feel the tension this produces in your body? Is it difficult for you to relax because you know that everything that needs to be done will still be waiting. You have already tried meditating and this doesn’t work because your head keeps making lists. You just don’t know how to relax anymore. You are always alert…
  • Are you fed up with how things are going? Do you feel downright angry because you feel like it’s not right, but you can’t put your finger on it. You find yourself angry at everything that limits you and is asked of you. You feel restrained. You would prefer to kick around. And you can’t get rid of the stress you feel about this.Maybe you’re a bit anxious about what’s happening during this time. Do you just try to keep yourself up and you donā€™t want your surroundings to notice it, or do you notice that this makes you even more alone than you would like.

These are just a few examples that cause tension in your body. Tension increases stress. Your body reacts to stress, we all know that. But letting go of stress isn’t always that easy.

With Access BarsĀ® you can feel the tension easing. Your body relaxes and enters a deep state of rest. It has been scientifically proven that the brain goes from the alert Beta state to the deep relaxing Theta state during a treatment. This is the stage just before you fall asleep. When you are in this deep relaxation, your body can work on recovery, on clearing ingrained behavior patterns and blocking beliefs. You may even feel this in your body during a session.


You don't feel like talking about what is going on and you DO want to start your detox process and relax at the same time

Offer your body this relaxation so that it can release what you no longer need. Excess ballast that is stuck in your body and blocks your energy channels, which can go because the energy channels are stimulated to recover, in a state of relaxation. A detox of your body, allowes your body to release the luggage you donā€™t need to keep.

You lie on a massage table, fully dressed, without shoes, under a blanket. You don’t need to do anything. You don’t have to work with your emotions, you don’t even have to know what is being released in your body. You don’t have to do anything, you can receive. Afterwards you feel wonderfully relaxed, as if you have experienced a deep massage.


The changes manifest themselves in the first 3 to 4 weeks after a session. These changes are different for everyone. One sleeps better, the other experiences more peace in the head. Yet another notices that there is less tension in the muscles, or more openness or more zest for life.

Access BarsĀ® & Marca

I first experienced Access BarsĀ® at a time when I was through a lot of emotional work. I already underwent regular massages to support the Detox processes in my body. However, when I discovered Access BarsĀ® I noticed that it brought me more than just physical support. It was as if the result of the emotional work became more visible. As if my life became lighter and this was due to the combination of both.

This method would give me the opportunity to work as well with people who are less open for the emotional work. And still it allowed me to work on the deep level with people. In addition, I can also combine these methods so that the emotional work that I offer with the Journey method (Dutch) can work even better.

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Emotional Work & Access BarsĀ®

I have been working with the Journey method for a number of years. A method that enables you to release unprocessed emotional ballast from your life. With these emotional detox processes you go inward and discover what is there to be released at that moment related to the theme you want to work on. This is a completely different process, in which you consciously release the emotional charge that is stored. After this, the body starts to restore the healed systems. With Access BarsĀ® you undergo a treatment in which your body is instructed to clear away the ballast stored in your body without you having to do anything consciously.


How others experienced these sessions:

Sorry still in DutchšŸ˜³

Na een heel aantal cursussen en opleidingen te hebben gevolgd waarin voelen en spreken hand in hand gaan, is dit een totaal andere insteek. Een prachtige, zachte aanvulling op alles wat er al is. Wat het mij in de afgelopen maand al heeft gebracht, had ik me vooraf niet kunnen bedenken. Om me heen is er veel aan het veranderen, zowel in de energie, en zeker ook in de materie! Voorheen zouden zoveel veranderingen me ook veel stress bezorgen, maar dat ervaar ik nu niet meer op die manier (en daar ben ik nog elke dag verbaasd over).

Claudia Lambij
verpleegkundige palliatieve zorg / energetisch therapeut

Als ik ga liggen op de massagetafel met een dekentje om mij heen, plaatst Marca haar vingers op mijn voetzolen. Ik voel mij meteen geaard. Ze heeft een sterke energie, merk ik. Dan begint ze bij de drukpunten op mijn hoofd. Heel zachtjes voel ik haar vingers. Mijn buik begint te rommelen en ik weet dat dit een teken is dat de energie stroomt. Bij het opstaan ben ik erg verbaasd. Ik had Marca niet geĆÆnformeerd over mijn rugpijnklachten omdat ik niet verwachtte dat Acces Bars hierin kon helpen. Het wonderbaarlijke is, dat na de behandeling mijn rugklachten weg zijn. Ik kan het bijna niet geloven.

Diana Peters

Marca, ik wil je nog eens bedanken voor de emotionele detox dag. Het heeft het verdriet om mijn mama verlicht, en mijn emotionele draagkracht verhoogd. De relatie met mijn echtgenoot is ook nog zoveel beter geworden! Ik had mijn ā€œgeluksreservesā€ zowat opgebruikt de afgelopen jaren door te veel werk en te weinig zelfzorg, en die reserves heb ik opnieuw kunnen opbouwen bij jouā€¦ Dankjewel om mij te ondersteunen bij mijn heling!

Lieve van Mechelen
Executive Coach & Strategy Advisor

Nieuwsgierigheid naar wat deze sessie zou brengen nam ik contact op. Ik voel dat er veel vast zit, daarnaast vind ik het leuk je weer te zien. Verwachtingen had ik niet, wel hoop dat het iets zou doen, Dat doet het dus ook, dus dank je wel. Het was heel fijn, ontspannen en gaf rust. Ik voelde het door heel mijn lijf, het voelde als loslaten. Na afloop waren mijn benen zwaar, maar ik voel me verder ok. Wel wat duizelig direct na afloop. Het is in ieder geval zeker voor herhaling vatbaar.

Ank van Alebeek

Zelf heb ik enorm veel stress en ik merk dat het veel negatief effect heeft op mijn gezondheid. Ik gebruik al heel veel medicatie en ben op zoek naar alternatieven en zo kwam ik bij Marca terecht. Na de eerste behandeling gaven mijn partner en zoontje aan dat er een andere vrouw/mama thuis kwam. Voor het eerst sinds maanden/jaar, voelde ik rust. En ik zei ook dat ik voor het eerst sinds ruim een jaar echt ontspanning heb gehad en mezelf zen voel.


Wat ik merkte toen ik naar buiten liep: alsof ik letterlijk veel afgevallen was ik voelde me blij en krachtig. Heel bijzonder om te ervaren, de afgelopen dagen voel ik me duidelijk meer in verbinding, rustig, energetisch meer afgestemd. Het woord "zijn" komt telkens terug in mijn hoofd. Je hoeft alleen maar te zijn. Ik voel meer diepgang, mijn intuĆÆtie voelt krachtiger. Het voelt dat je behandeling hier duidelijk aan bij gedragen heeft.

Petra van Haandel
IntuĆÆtief Systemisch Coach

Access BarsĀ® prices


single session

  • Do you want a session to relax, then this is your option
  • Or to try it out and experience what this can do for you
  • 1 session lasts 90 minutes
  • Even 1 session can give a great result



  • Do you experience a lot of stress, do you worry a lot?
  • Do you have complaints that have been playing for some time?
  • Then I recommend several sessions.
  • Every 2 to 3 weeks for best results
  • 90 minutes
  • We will discuss this in advance.
  • The discount will be charged on the 5th session


Plus Option

  • 3 Journey sessions
  • 2 Access BarsĀ®
  • Specific issue of approaching 2 angles.
  • We start with Journey sessions
  • Journey session lasts max 3 hours, Access BarsĀ®Ā  90 minutes
  • Sessions can also be booked separately

Schedule a session

Fill in your details and you can immediately schedule an appointment at a convenient time for you.

    Access Bars was introduced in the 1990s by Gary Douglas. It consists of 32 pressure points (bars) through and around the head. This is where all your stuck feelings, thoughts, ideas and beliefs are stored.

    Each pressure point represents a specific context in your life.

    FAQ's Access Bars

    Who does this work well for?

    This works for everyone, the results are different per person. Do you suffer from stress, low energy, exhaustion, do you sleep poorly, do you worry a lot, then Access BarsĀ® can help you to reduce tension. Do you have other complaints such as anxious or do you not feel comfortable in your skin, then Access Bars Ā® can also mean something to you.

    How many sessions do you recommend?

    If you just want to relax, a session will be great. If you really want to work on yourself and you have a lot of stress, pent-up emotions, stored trauma, experienced suffering and an accumulation of problems, it is wise to schedule several treatments.

    Do you also work with children?

    I work with youth from high school. Age of 12-18 years. Sessions last an average of 45 minutes and cost 45 ā‚¬.
    If your children are younger, I would like to refer you to a colleague who is more familiar with working with younger children.

    Are the sessions reimbursed?

    The sessions are not reimbursed by the health insurer. If you are employed, you can see if your employer is willing to pay for this for you. Do you work as a self-employed person? Then you can enter it as development costs, coaching.

    Do you also work in Englisch?

    Yes indeed. I am experienced in working with people from all around the world. And as we don’t need to speak during the sessions it is ok if you are not able to speak a language that I do understand.


    Access Bars let the energy flow to the places where your body can use support. A pregnancy is therefore no problem at all. It works supportively for the mother and indirectly for the baby/babies.

    How do I pay?

    There is an option to pay online immediately with the bank app on your phone.


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    Access BarsĀ© Class


    Would you like to master this powerful tool yourself? In this one-day training you will learn the handles yourself and you will be taught tools from Access Consiousness that are helpful for a lighter life.



    Book a session

    Fill in your details and you can immediately schedule an appointment at a convenient time for you.